Bonded Leather: How Does It Hold Up in the Office

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Bonded Leather: How Does It Hold Up in the Office

Purchasing furniture for your office is a huge ordeal. It involves a lot of space planning, budget concerns, style and design, and most importantly, function. Completing your office furniture is a process, most especially for growing businesses, while for some, it is a regular practice and accomplishment.

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A newly started small-business will require less time and planning when it comes to choosing office furniture. However, for bigger companies and offices, office design is a serious business and most often than not, requires a professional’s eye.

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Couches are one of the most important pieces that are often included in planning for larger office designs. To create a professional and sleek image for your company, straying away from the usual sofa and futon that we use at home is vital. However, most consumers are not aware that sofas are not created equal. To the trained eye, picking couches made from bonded leather is a prime example of true furniture quality.

What is bonded leather?

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Bonded leather is also known as “reconstituted” or vinyl is made from the left-over pieces of the hides of an animal creating a seamless piece of leather material. Unlike genuine leather, it is more affordable. It is quite difficult to identify genuine leather from bonded leather because of their very similar appearance, texture and smell.

What’s great about bonded leather is that it can make anything look expensive and sophisticated, especially office furniture. Durability is also not an issue especially for office seating since these pieces are not exposed to too much wear and tear compared to the sofas used at home.

Is bonded leather good for the office?

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To achieve a stunning look for your office, especially in your lounging areas, bonded leather would be the best possible option available in the market. It is durable material because of its “real leather” content but is not as durable compared to genuine leather. However, if you are considering a quality product that possesses that sophisticated look minus a few hundred dollars, bonded leather is the right option for you.

If you consider the traffic in your office as light and you rarely have guests waiting in your lounge areas, bonded leather made sofas can last if genuine leather, with proper care and maintenance.

How does bonded leather hold up?

Photo Credit: Love Seat and Lounge via Salman Furniture

Again, you can never consider the durability of bonded leather as high as genuine leather. They may look fancy and expensive but they contain less “real leather” in them. If you plan to keep a furniture for a long period, you might want to consider investing in couches and sofas made from genuine leather. However, if you see your office design constantly being upgraded and changed after some time, getting a more affordable substitute would be advisable. Quality made bonded leather sofas can last lost, but not as long as the genuine and costly ones.

It all depends on your budget and the function that this furnishing will comply with on your office setting. Nonetheless, bonded leather sofas are economical and graceful pieces you can consider for your office design.

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