Most Celebrated Office Layout Trends of 2017

Keeping up with the latest office furniture trends and office interior trends is one of the things common among big brands and companies. Being able to do so encourages collaboration and creativity at work. Such office design can encourage and entice new blood to enter, discover and enjoy what a specific office offers – simply by looking at the design and layout of their office.

Workplace Design Trends 2017: The Good, the Bad and What 2018 Holds

Office design 2017 was mostly leaned towards modernization and technology. Office interior trends 2017 changed how offices look, mainly to change how they function as well. Less storage spaces were obviously promoted. Bold hues were welcomed inside office spaces, interesting furniture, stylish lighting and technology ready accessories are some of the workplace design trends of 2017.

Whether at home or at the office, office design 2017 paved its way and may offer something even more exciting as new and function office design trends 2018 are introduced to the market.

Let us look back on that home office trends and workplace design trends offered in 2017:

  1. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plan is one of the most common office trend design for 2017. Even CEOs and business owners applied such design to their offices. What’s great about this layout for work?

Initial impressions that came with the open floor plan is that it may reduce privacy at work. Open office spaces eliminated the boring, dark and strict outlook most offices had. It promoted movement, collaboration and fun among colleagues.

Such layout also allowed natural light to come in, making the ambiance at work more pleasurable and comfortable for everyone.

  1. Collaboration Spaces

The value of teamwork was not simply promoted but initiated by the introduction of collaboration spaces in working areas. May it be in a pantry, a separate area in the office or a common room, collaborative spaces made it easier to work with a team and inject fun and laughter at work. Gone are the days of dreading to enter the poorly lighted conference room.

Collaboration spaces are also aesthetically appealing places where offices can entertain guests, welcome new employees or even conduct interviews. The addition of collaboration spaces in a company has create something to look forward too among employees and colleagues.

  1. Standing Desks

Companies are looking for ways in making their employees healthier by offering comfortable and healthier working spaces. Standing desks are one of them. Such accessories allowed free movement and reduced illnesses among its employees.

Sitting for a long period of time is bad for the back, the health in overall and can be depressing. Standing desks help reduce calorie count, promoted focus, invigorated and make office life less boring. Although ergonomic chairs are still productive and colorful addition in workplaces in office interior trends 2017, standing desk offers something far beyond work. Such features took a different turn when it comes investing assets for a business. Standing desks were introduced as businesses starts to value the health and wellness of their employees more.

  1. Open Pantry and Lounge Areas

To encourage natural light and air coming in and out of the office, open pantry and lounge areas were also welcomed in workplace design trends 2017. Some lounge and common areas were even brought outdoors to offer a natural setting where employees can relax, rejuvenate and simply take a breather even while at work.

Such happiness and freedom promoted by these spaces gained productive and contented employees for most big brands and companies this year.

  1. White Board Walls

Simple, modern and straight to the point office accessories were also welcomed in home office trends 2017. White board walls became a common fixture in most offices. Enhanced appearance a more creative environment is one of the pros that white board walls introduced.

  1. Technology Ready Fixtures

Office furnishings were more technology inclined in office interior trends for 2017. USB ports were made available almost conveniently everywhere in offices. Working areas that makes laptop use easier were also made available. Another great thing that technology ready office furnishing offers is the wireless and clutter free working station. The number of dangling wires were reduced or eliminated making room for creativity and focus in working stations.

  1. Green Architecture

The indoors were welcomed indoors in home and office trends 2017. Green, natural plants are now strategically placed inside office areas to add color and fresh air indoors. Natural light is being used most of the time in work places. Power-saving lighting fixtures and environment friendly office supplies were introduced in this year’s office design.

Office design trends for 2018 is expected to become even more amazing. Stylish working tables, energy-efficient fixtures and more technology ready office accessories are set to take centerstage in next year’s workplace design trends.


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