The Science of Color & How it Affects Your Office

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Is your office space looking a little gray?  If so, it’s time to pull out the drab and bring in the color!  Studies show that gray (the stark color of concrete and rain clouds) induce feelings of gloom and depression, especially more so for women, along with shades of beige and white.

Whether we’re aware of it or not, color plays a profound role in our mental and emotional well-being.  As a result, it affects our moods, impact our productivity, and influence our interaction with others.  Not convinced?

Throughout history, people have leveraged the power of color for various purposes. For years, leaders in both business and political spheres have donned red ties as a symbol of strength and victory. Yellow is known for stimulating our brains and activating memory.  Thus, it’s the color of 75% of pencils (remember those?) sold in the United States. Pink, believed to effectively reduce erratic behavior, are found in a number of prison holding cells. And the trusted blue seems to be the favored color for toothbrushes for it cooling and sedating effects.

When we think about the long hours we spend inside of our offices, it may be wise to pause and ponder over our work environments and what we surround ourselves with.  In workspaces, restful hues of blues and greens have the most beneficial effects.  As colors of the seas and skies, these low-wavelength colors promote an overall sense of well-being and produce happier, more effective workers.  They’re also known to encourage growth and spark creativity.  Accents of red and orange are both colors of activity and intensity and boost levels of energy and productivity.  But use them moderately.  They’ve been known to actually raise body temperatures and elicit feelings of stress and aggression.  For small enclosed spaces, pastel hues work best.  Think of peach, mint or lavender to open and brighten up tight areas.

What’s Your Color?

  • BLUE:  Cools, calms and sedates. Triggers productivity. Aids intuition. Evokes trust and dependability
  • PURPLE:  Balances calm and stimulation. Uplifting. Offers sense of thought and spirituality. Encourages creativity
  • PINK:  Stimulates energy. Encourages friendliness and reduces aggression. Encourages appetite for sweets. Evokes youth and fun
  • RED:  Increases enthusiasm. Stimulates energy. Encourages action and confidence. Sense of power and victory
  • ORANGE:  Stimulates activity and appetite. Promotes socialization. Whets senses for creativity. Radiates warmth and energy
  • YELLOW:  Stimulates mental processes. Activates memory. Encourages inspiration and communication. Sense of warmth and positivity
  • GREEN:  Soothes and relaxes mentally and physically. Helps alleviate depression and anxiety. Sense of self control, renewal and harmony

Whatever hue work best for you, our exciting line-up of workstations, conference areas and office chairs celebrate the exuberance of color and is sure to inspire your next office make-over.

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