Design Ideas for Pediatric Dental Clinics

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Design Ideas for Pediatric Dental Clinics

Keeping up with the current trends in architecture and interior design is a must for businesses – especially if they would want to provide something different and enticing to their clients and target market.

The same goes with designing pediatric dental clinics. One does not necessarily transform a pediatric dental clinic into a children’s playground to meet the needs of children whenever they come to visit. The most important thing to consider is to create an atmosphere that is safe and entertaining for the child, without looking far from presentable and professional. Parents are still the one who decides on where they bring their kid for dental checkups. If your place is specifically designed for children without a conducive space for their adult companions, your clients will most likely go to someplace more comfortable for both the parent and the child.

Here are some dental office interior design ideas and dental clinic decorating ideas you might want to consider for your clinics.

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What Makes a Pediatric Dental Clinic Ideal for Both Parents and Children?

Kid Proof Spacious Receiving Areas

When dealing with kids, you need a lot of moving area where they can run around without having to worry about hitting a chair or bumping into hard corners. Sitting areas should be plenty and it would be ideal to locate them near the wall. Instead of placing center tables, you might want to consider providing bean bags, a Lego area or a sandbox where the kids can play while waiting for their turn. This arrangement will also allow parents to see their kids all the time while seated in your receiving areas.

Provide entertainment for both children and adults

You can place a TV screen in your waiting area where parents can watch while waiting in line. The kids can be placed in a separate room, with a glass divider where a different TV screen is available. Be sure that the Kids TV room is just beside the adults waiting area so that the parents can still supervise their kids while they get entertained together with other children.’

Bright and colorful furnishings

Decorate your dental office interiors with colorful wall murals and pick furnishings that have bold and bright colors instead of the usual black and white ones. However, make sure that what you provide is comfortable and durable. You might experience a few patients that would jump up and down on your couch so it is better to stick with easy to maintain, sturdy and colorful furniture. You do not necessarily need to transform your whole office into a Disney-themed clinic. A few colorful chairs here and there and a small portion of your walls decorated with cartoon characters is just enough.

Clean and accessible comfort rooms

Provide parents and kids spacious comfort rooms. You do not need to have a massive comfort room in your office. What you need is a room where parents can also change kid’s diapers and clean-up without having to different interconnecting rooms just to be able to use your toilets. Locate your comfort rooms near your receiving areas.

Free tea or coffee

Designate a small portion of your dental clinic where you can place a coffee or tea maker for your clients. A portion of your receptionist’s table, far from the reach of your young patients would be a strategic place to locate it.

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