Device Free Work Zones: Is This Still Possible?

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With technology wrapping itself to every possible type of business you can imagine, living and working in a world that is device free seems to be impossible. Calls can be conveyed through interoffice phones, Skype, Facebook Messenger and other online or smart device applications without having to leave your office, or in some cases, even your bedroom door. Sending files, converting data, billing and other day-to-day activities in the office can be done with a few clicks of the finger.  In this generation, is it still possible to work without technology?  Do we need device free work zones?

No matter how helpful technology can be to the workplace and the individuals that makes up an organization, too much technology can be bad for your employee’s emotional and mental health. Hundreds of unread emails on your inbox, missed calls on your phone, your messenger on your computer and Google Hangouts can be as equally stressful as it is convenient for you. Working relationships also suffers as employees begin to glue themselves to their computer screen.


It is time to unplug and enjoy digital detox to be able to boost creativity, reconnect with other people and develop deeper working relationships with the rest of the organization. Although it may be impossible to unplug completely from technology, creating unplugged device free work zones in the office where employees can simply relax and escape from all this technology is a good practice that has long term benefits, both for employees and the business itself.

So how can you create technology free spaces in your workplace? Here are some tips you can follow.


Recreation can be in different forms and you do not necessarily need technology to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation with your colleagues. Create a Wi-Fi Free area in the office such as the employee lounge where employees can talk face to face and communicate with other members of the organization. Incorporate an arts area or an area where they can meditate, do yoga or catch a quick nap. There are a lot of physical and emotional benefits in depriving yourself of technology occasionally.


Banish phones and tablets in meeting areas, the office gym, the pantry or the office garden. Occasionally, try to experience the feeling of going into a meeting without a smartphone or a laptop. Creative meetings would be more creative if you bring a pen and paper to the meeting instead of your geek tools. Encourage to go back to the simple things in life, or in work, in circumstances where it is deemed possible.


You can build a yoga studio or simple and attractive office garden to create a sanctuary that’s free from technology. Here is where your employees can have time away from those demanding emails, non-stop phone calls or online Skype meetings. Give your employees a place where they can run, hide or simply escape from the modern technologies and stress that comes together with your work.

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