Why Height Adjustable Desks Are Good For Your Office

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As we all know, the well being of your company depends on the well being of you and your employees. Staring at your computer screen or answering phone calls all day at work eventually will have negative effects on you. Lack of movement at work drains you physically and mentally. While there are several ways you can help this, there really is only one best solution to solving this problem: Height adjustable desks.  Getting a height adjustable desk will allow you to set your desk height to what best fits you. Depending on your mood or specific work scenario, your work surface can be adjusted to lower or raise for a sitting or standing position. That’s why most people call it “sit-and-stand desk”.


Just as most regular desks, height adjustable desks provide you with many options. Of course, every office has different needs.  Whether you’re looking for an individual desk or even several long connected work surfaces, height adjustable desks can be the solution. For the hard work of your employees, they deserve something in return. Providing them with comfortable, ergonomic desks at work will not only help their overall health and well-being, but certainly increase make them more happy. As a result, they will show a higher level of performance and be more productive.

But still the all-amazing height adjustable desk also have its drawbacks. You should be careful how much weight you put on the work surface of the desk, as the desk may wobble and shake especially in a fully extended standing height. Higher end brands will absolutely eliminate this issue, as long as you’re willing to pay a little bit more.


The great thing about having a height adjustable desk is that you don’t have to wait long to feel its benefits. A recent study in Cornwell University suggests that office staff under observation noticed vast improvements on their musculoskeletal strain and discomfort after using height adjustable desks in just 4-6 weeks. As a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 respondents preferred the standing desk than the old stationary ones.

In addition, there have been studies which prove that stationary chairs and desks create a blood pool in the thighs and quadriceps area which leads to sore muscles and poor blood circulation. If you want the best performance out of your employees, it is best to make sure they are not only comfortably working, but also healthy overall. Giving them them the freedom to break away from the sedentary position at work will no doubt result in more satisfied employees and improved productivity.

It’s important to understand that your employees are different from one another. They have different ways on how to be efficient at their given task. Some like to work low in a more moderate pace, while others may be more energetic and like to work standing up. It also depends on the nature of their work load. That’s why height adjustable desks are a fantastic option for every office because it offers the solution of ergonomics, health and flexibility to various office cultures.

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