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In an office setting, furniture is an integral part that will make the space pleasing to guests and clients. A well-designed office promotes a good-working environment and efficiency that helps in increasing productivity at work. No matter how simple it may seem, picking the right design of furnishings for your office — from the materials used to the size and color of a furniture — helps in creating a harmonious and work-conducive abode for both employees and the management.

One of the most important furnishings essential in a well-kept office are storage systems. This is where HON file cabinets come in. Having enough storage is not enough.  You have to keep everything tidy and organized. Storage  like HON filing cabinets help you track the things that you consistently need, as well as the things that you don’t, and increases the efficiency in the office. Tired of having to go through a whole section of a cabinet looking for a specific folder? Things are a lot easier with HON filing cabinets.

What’s great about HON filing cabinets is that they come in different colors and designs and are perfect for every possible space you have in the office. It features vertical and lateral cabinets, pedestals, shelf files and more to meet specific needs and specific space restrictions you have in your office.

Another important aspect when it comes to storage in your office is security. You would want to be able to sleep tight at night without worrying about the petty cash that you left in your office drawer. HON cabinets come with a HON file cabinet lock kit that ensures that your documents, confidential files and personal belongings are tightly secure even when you are not around. When getting HON cabinets as your choice of a storage system for the office, you might also want to consider the efficiency of having replacements keys just in case for the future.

Need a Replacement Key for your HON cabinets?

In time,  your company will experience turn-overs through the course of your business. Thus, you may lose a few keys every now and then. This is where HON key replacement comes into the picture. Replacement keys for HON file cabinets may be necessary and can be obtained if you ever lose your keys, or in case the keys that you have are no longer working as well as they used to during the earlier course of their lives. Unlike those Home Depot file cabinets, you can also purchase HON office furniture parts to be able to repair and maintain your existing HON filing cabinets and storage pieces. A HON 4 drawer file cabinet, for example, comes with spare parts like caster wheels, hang rails, shelf files and dividers. If your HON cabinets require such repairs and maintenance, knowing that such parts exist can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in having to buy a new storage system.

Life at the office becomes easier and more productive with HON filing and storage cabinets.

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