Hydraulic Desks and Adjustable Height Desks: Health Benefits for the Millennial Employee

Adjustable height computer desks and adjustable height stand up desk are among the most commonly introduced home and work office furniture nowadays. In today’s world, sitting too much can take so much out of your life. This is a truth that is already being realized and accepted by many, thus the introduction of electric adjustable desks and other more health considerate office furnishings perfect for the millennial employees.

Hydraulic Desks and Adjustable Height Desks: 9 Surprising Benefits

Although the modern office may seem to offer so many conveniences making life at work easier, a lot of drawbacks also comes with it. Communication is faster and everything is available via a click of the finger. But, too much convenience is making most of these employees’ life sedentary.

The health impact of long hours of sitting is surprisingly disturbing. It can cause heart disease, internal organ problems, muscular disorders, obesity, malfunction of the metabolic functions and at times, even depression. The impact of long hours of sitting is generally bad for everyone, no matter what your corporate status is.

Movement, on the other hand, can promote so many positive things even at work. Therefore, adjustable height desks and hydraulic desks are becoming a fad, for some, a necessity in most homes. Here are 9 of the surprising benefits that comes with using adjustable height computer desk and electric adjustable desk in your home or work office:

  1. Promotes Instinct

Man is meant to move and explore. They should not be confined inside a cubicle or to sit for a long period of time. In average, working in an office setting requires sitting for at least 8 hours every day. Travelling to and from work also consumes at least an hour sitting, or in some cases, standing awkwardly in a crowded subway.

Adjustable height stand up desk requires you to stand and move while working. Some even manages to incorporate exercise machines such as treadmills. Generally, a hydraulic desk gives you the freedom to move, thus encouraging what your body should be naturally doing.

  1. Improves Spinal Health

Movement, an action promoted when you introduce electric adjustable desk and tables at work brings health benefits to the spine. Blood circulation is improved and muscle fatigue is lessened. This energizes the muscles and the body in general, making people more alert and enthusiastic to move and function.

  1. It Helps Burn Calories

Height adjustable desks can help you burn additional calories. Although calories are still burned even while sitting on your seat, standing while working can burn you thrice the number of calories. A minimum of 340 calories can be burned for 2 hours of standing in work. A very tempting number that could help you lose those unwanted pounds you have been eyeing to get rid of.

  1. Reduce fatigue

Adjustable height computer desk gives its user the freedom to work on a comfortable position they prefer. They can alternate from sitting and standing or spend more time standing than sitting when working. This gives one more energy and better perception to work and in his office life in general. It removes the boredom and makes employees work with more enthusiasm.

  1. May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Sitting right after eating or eating while sitting in front of the office desk is a common scenario in busy office spaces. This can trigger diabetes and other metabolic related diseases. Standing after lunch or standing most of the day while at work can reduce spikes in blood sugar levels according to studies. This is mainly the reason why adjustable height desks are being incorporated in office settings.

  1. Lowers Risks of Heart Disease

Better health is one of the utmost concern companies are trying to resolve with the introduction of hydraulic desks and tables at work. Too much sedentary time is bad for the heart health. An hour of exercise may not be enough to compensate the negative effects of sitting too long.

  1. Improve Mood and Energy Levels

Contrary to some beliefs, standing while working can improve the mood and the energy levels of an individual. It is nor tiring if you give yourself enough time to sit and rest when needed. Preventing depression becomes easier if movement is promoted even on a busy day at work.

  1. It Boosts Productivity

There is no negative impact to productivity at work when it comes to using standing desks. Although typing at such position may take time to adjust, the improvement in attitude and heath of your employees can impressively increase their productivity and collaboration at work. This may even add a new color to their usual daily routine at work.

  1. It Helps You Live Longer

Promoting movement, by introducing hydraulic desks at work may bring a whole lot of difference to your well-being. Standing decreases the risk of diseases and mainly gives a positive outlook to those who gets to enjoy freedom of movement.

Hydraulic desks and adjustable height desks can bring a lot of difference to your work and to your employees. Investing in one may be one of the best assets you can include for your business.



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