New Video: Interra Panel Systems by Friant

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Meet Interra, our newest panel system. Conceived, designed and  assembled from the ground up in California and raised with strident, modernist  sensibilities. With its thin, sleek lines and easy configurability, it is the perfect  system for today’s ever-changing work environment. And it marries well,  perfectly matched to go arm in arm with Friant’s Dash desking system. Think  of it as Friant all grown up

Interra by Friant…an entirely modern panel system of workstations and cubicles. Interra has everything you need. Plenty of built-in functionality, a stunning array of features, easy reconfiguration and exceptional long-term value. Plus, finding that perfect look is a breeze with countless fabric options, contemporary worksurfaces and paint choices to get exactly what you want.

The ideal panel system for today’s workplace, Interra from Friant is durable, flexible and stylish while addressing demand for a value-driven solution. The line’s mix-and-match frame and panel structure allows for the creation of everything from open floor plans to semi- private and private offices. Interra also offers designers 32 standard fabrics, 7 laminate work surfaces, 5 leg styles and 5 panel options.

Interra is now available at 2010 Office Furniture.

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