Office Design & Employee Satisfaction: Is Your Modern Office Modern Enough

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Let’s face it: there are a lot of employees who are not happy with their jobs. Of course, the reasons will vary limitlessly — from inadequate pay rates, to terrible working hours, to disagreeable bosses or co-workers, to horrible locations and unbearable commutes — and so on and so forth, etcetera, etcetera.  We got it. When it comes to dealing with meeting employee satisfaction the list can pretty much go on and on.   One way to somewhat help any office scenario, however, is office design.  Believe it or not, a well-designed professional environment can do wonders. It not only addresses key aspects of the workplace in terms of comfort, health and well-being, but it also drives employees’ moods, creativity and overall productivity.


Office design is definitely one of the important elements that both Human Resources and CEOs should be paying attention to. No doubt acknowledging what employees need will help employees function better and work more productively. Here are a few office design ideas on how companies and organizations, big or small, can make smart designs choices that will help boost their employees’ efficiency and productivity at work.


An employee spends at least 8 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week. Better working stations make the workplace a pleasant place to go to every day. Modern office trends encourage open space layouts as the go-to design for companies looking for a more collaborative and friendly working environment. An open space office layout makes brainstorming, engaging with colleagues and collaboration much more favorable.


Sitting for long hours everyday in your work area is a serious danger to your health. Some studies even suggest that sitting for long hours at work is worse than smoking. Promote movement at work by encouraging breaks or starting  a healthy program like YOGA poses every 2 hours of work.


Upgrading to more comfortable, ergonomic chairs that are suited to the height, size and health needs of your employees is critical. Granted, finding just the right chair to meet the ergonomic needs of every person in the office can be quite challenging. But with incredible new technology that’s now available out there, and countless of seating solutions to choose from, there has never been a better time to be healthier and happier while seated at the office.


Modern office design is all about speed, mobility, and relaxed resimercial setups, which means stiff and stuffy conference rooms are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Companies are now implementing clever touchdown spaces instead for colleagues to catch up and quickly collaborate on projects or brainstorm ideas. Smart technology and acoustic furniture make these informal touchdown areas the perfect go-to for everyday office get togethers.


When it comes to office spaces, lighting is essential.  Make sure your office areas are not only adequately lit, but lit well.  Any place that’s too dark to work in typically will have a negative impact on the energy of any office and thus cause employees to be lethargic.  Natural light is best, but keep in mind that having any space too bright can also be distracting and difficult on the eyes.  The key is to find the middle ground where your office is bright, cheerful, energetic and comfortable all at the same time.  Color temperature also comes into play.  Warm light temperatures (amber/yellow) will tend to look moody, and make an area feel relaxed, while cool light temperatures (white/blue), on the other hand, have been known to increase concentration and productivity in the office.  So make sure to tailor your lighting design accordingly, depending on the general type of space and activity that goes on in there.

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