Office Design Styles: Which Is Best for You?

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Office Design Styles: Which Is Best for You?

A growing business, no matter how small it may have started will eventually require its own office. Your kitchen area or your garage may not be enough to cater the need of your growing business. Opening your own office will require a lot of things and will cost you money. But, this is a good investment and will reap a fast ROI for your business – if planned and execute properly.

Picking the right office furniture for your office is quite a challenge, an exciting challenge you can easily get through with by careful planning. Determining the style that you want or personifies you and applying it to your office space is where you can start.

Knowing What You Want

Determining the type of vibe that you want for your office can help you determine the office style and design that you will apply on your office. If you would want to feel relaxed and enjoy space and ease of movement even while busy at work, a Contemporary look would be a great way to plan the design of your office. Office furniture can range from furnishings made from wood, glass, metal or a combination of any of the three. There are a lot of contemporary designed office furniture you can choose from.

If you would want to create a more professional look for your office, the Executive look would be ideal for you. Office furniture in this style can be described as big, bold, black, brown and made of wood. Authority is what you would want to imply and achieve in this look. Large office spaces would be able to accommodate this style. However, if you are looking into a smaller office space, the Executive style is not yet ideal for you.

The Traditional Style is a simple approach for designing your office when you are not yet sure on what design to go for. This is also ideal for office set-ups that will accommodate several people at once. Matching tables and office chairs would be the basic items that you will need for this set-up. Purchasing office furniture by the bulk is also cost-efficient compared to buying office furniture pieces that are customized for you.

Playing with Colors

White is a basic color you can use for your office. It goes well with both the design styles mentioned above. White walls also make your rooms look brighter and bigger, no matter how big or small your actual office is.

Depending on the business niche that you are in, you can play with colors to add a vibrant touch and to accessorize your office space. It would be cost-effective and ideal to go for an accent wall, painted with a bright color, like yellow or red.

Your choice in office furniture, in terms of material and color is a good way to improve the look of your office. Bright-colored chairs would be a nice place to start when it comes to design. A few decorative pieces hanged on the wall can also make the look accommodating both for clients and your employees.

Determining a style for your office starts with what atmosphere you would want to achieve in your workplace. Sticking with a base color and design approach for your first office set-up would make the next design processes easier.

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