Height adjustable tables (also known as sit-or-stand tables) pave the way for better health in professional and home offices everywhere.  Studies show that Americans today, from students, office workers to doctors, lawyers and other professionals spend nearly 90% of their day sitting down, resulting in prolonged periods of inactivity that leads to endangered health.  Evidence further show that even regular visits to the gym may not offset the damage done by sitting for long periods of time.  That is why rising trends in height adjustable workstations are now providing an upgrade to work environments that is conducive to better health and elevating employee performance.  Standing while working on height adjustable tables helps burn more calories, promotes better blood circulation, sharpens alertness and increases work productivity.  With a wide range of unique functions, height adjustable tables also give users the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing, all the while maintaining an optimal level of ergonomic positioning.  Whether for the workroom, the training room or the private office, at 2010 Office Furniture you’ll find just the right height adjustable table for you and your company.

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