Scale 1:1 – G Series Desk Lounge

SCALE 1:1 – G SERIES DESK LOUNGE welcomes you to the future of open plan office.  It’s all about connectivity and collaboration with this modern shared workstation.  Designed with flexibility and movement in mind, sharing ideas among workers has never been more dynamic, promoting team learning and productivity.  Screens can be snapped on, along with various accessories to achieve various levels of privacy.  The SCALE 1:1 – G SERIES DESK LOUNGE may be configured in countless of ways, including single, double, or Tete-a-tete pairing stations that are easily mobile and incredibly expandable.  Choose a single desk or multiple nest stations, and enjoy upward mobility to give you a raised work surface that’s better for overall health.

•  Flexible and expandable
•  Simple configuration from single desks to entire open plan benching solution
•  Easy mobility and reconfiguration
•  Height adjustable work surface options

Scale 1:1

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