Scale 1:1 – Nomad Sport Conference Table

The SCALE 1:1 – NOMAD SPORT CONFERENCE TABLE is the newest way to work hard and play hard at the office.  As a conference table, select from a number of incredibly durable surface options, that will withstand years of daily morning meetings, afternoon lunches, and late-night collaboration sessions.  Set up one table for 8, or configure a number of them to accommodate up to 40.  The choice is yours, along with various features you can customize.  In addition, it’s innovative design allow this conference table to be easily folded and rolled into the ideal location for you to use it as a presentation board, or neatly into storage.  Then after striking the deal and the papers have been signed, transform the NOMAD SPORT CONFERENCE TABLE into your office playground.  With an included snap-on retractable ping-pong net, paddles and ping-pong balls, you’re set for your very own table tennis tournament.  Game, set and match!

•  Dimension: 9’l x 5’w

•  All-in-one Conference Table, Whiteboard Presentation Board, and Ping-Pong Table (Regulation Size)
•  Ideal for Flexible, Space-Saving Collaboration Areas
•  Optional Built-In Power

Scale 1:1

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