The Upbeat Contemporary Office is a combination of fresh and cool that is undoubtedly very much now.  Bringing the primary hues of blue and yellow at the forefront of the space creates a stimulating yet soothing atmosphere that is both vibrant and welcoming.  Pure, clean lines and geometric shapes of circles, triangles and squares set a classic, contemporary tone while nuances of graphic patterns add surface interests and textures.  The integration of natural wood along with color accents of eggplant or burgundy add warmth, while gray serves as the backdrop that harmonize all the elements together.

Color Story Upbeat Contemporary Office


  • BLUE:  Cools, calms and sedates. Triggers productivity. Aids intuition. Evokes trust and dependability.
  • YELLOW:  Stimulates mental processes. Activates memory. Encourages inspiration and communication with warmth and positivity.
  • GRAY:  Depicts neutrality and calm. Timeless and reserved, it unifies and harmonizes.

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  • POPS OF PRIMARY COLORS blue and yellow set a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.
  • CLEAN LINES of furniture design outline the contemporary yet classic space.
  • GEOMETRIC SHAPES of circles, triangles and squares give structure to the space.
  • GRAPHIC PATTERNS add surface textures and interests.
  • ADDED WARMTH of natural wood and the color eggplant or burgundy provide pops of accents.


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